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6.x-2.x-dev (2014-Apr-18) now uses Profiles JSON API v2 #2242503: Use Profiles JSON API v2


This module's intended audience is primarily UCSF, University of California, San Francisco websites. It helps UCSF employees to import their scholarly publications from the UCSF Profiles repository.

Bibliography or publications could be managed by the well known Biblio module. However, many websites only need to provide a listing of publications of the authors. The profiles service collected profile information, including the publications for UCSF faculty members, researchers with academic leadership appointments, and postdoctoral scholars.

This module imports those publications provided by the profiles service into the Drupal.

For more information about UCSF Profiles service please visit

What is UCSF Profiles?

UCSF Profiles enables the discovery of research expertise at UCSF, allowing for new ways to network and collaborate between researchers, between mentors and mentees, between researchers and community or industry partners, and much more.

Experts, Collaborators, Mentors

  • 85,000+ publications
  • 2400+ UCSF faculty
  • 1000+ UCSF postdocs
  • 25+ biomedical institutions nationwide
  • Directory information
  • Soon to include UCSF residents, fellows, research staff


  • The only thing needed to pull the publications is the UCSF employee IDs.
  • Publications could be imported manually or scheduled to be imported automatically.


  • Feeds module is required.
  • Scheduled automatic imports require cron* to be running correctly.

* More information about cron maintenance tasks are available in the help pages
and in Drupal's online handbook at

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ucsf_profiles 6.x-2.x branch is completely re-written and it is now the recommended branch. There will not be an upgrade path from 1.x branch.

You must uninstall 6.x-1.x if you already have, and remove the module directory completely before installing 2.x branch.

2.x Features:

  • Now using JSON API, instead of XML API (
  • Module dependencies have changed.
  • Storage method is now nodes. Imported publications are saved as nodes. With the help of Feeds module imported publication nodes will be able sync easily.
  • Publication nodes use a custom content-type, which would let developers to easily extend its fields. Non-mapped fields will not be effected by the "refresh".


This project is developed by Osman Gormus and sponsored by Project6 Design, Inc., a leading Drupal design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit us at or contact us at

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