This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The UC WePay module adds WePay as payment method for Ubercart.

Upon checkout the user is sent to WePay site for payment completion. Ubercart order status is being updated with every payment status change in WePay site.


  • Supports both staging and production server
  • Includes interface for WePay account creation


Drupal 7:

A complete rewrite for Drupal 7.x, Ubercart 3.x is currently underway. It is only available at the moment in the git repository, branch 7.x-1.x. There will be a -dev release once it has been more thoroughly tested, and after more of WePay's features are integrated.

The 6.x version of this module is no longer supported and there will be no further updates on that branch. Use with caution.

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