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The uc_webform_productize module is designed to be paired with the webform_associate module. Currently the code is alpha and appears to be working. The objective is to create a uc product node that is paired with content types used by webform_associate. This product should then be added to the cart each time a webform submission is created. It then stores the webform nid, submission id and the order_id in a many to 1 relationship.

This functionality is all complete so I need some help going around the rough edges and make sure it's good to go. Paired with webform_associate, this module goes a long ways toward making event registration in Drupal quite simple.

Currently this is Drupal 6 only, I have no intention of doing this same dev for D5.


  • Allowing you to pick node types that have webform associations
  • Appending the necessary form elements to accept price
  • Auto-creating product nodes associated with the proper node type
  • Editing of existing information
  • Successfully adding an associated product node to the shopping cart
  • Submission to Transaction tracking (many to one)

Needed: (in order of importance)

  • Permissions checking. I would VERY MUCH like help here.

There are many little edge cases and such that need attention now that the major functionality is in place. Please help :-)

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