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This module provides support for European VAT pricing and regulations in Ubercart 2, allowing your store to show product prices inclusive of VAT. You do not need this module if you only want to charge VAT at checkout.


After installation you should add a new tax rule with the VAT rate for your country at /admin/store/settings/taxes. Ensure you select the correct product class and taxable line item options here, such as shipping and discount coupons if applicable. The module provides extra conditions that you can use to apply the tax to EU countries only.

Configuration options at /admin/store/settings/taxes/vat allow the store owner to choose whether to enter product prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT, and whether to display suffixes on prices regarding taxes and shipping. The cart and checkout can be configured to show VAT amounts separately. An option is also available to recalculate prices after a rate change, so VAT inclusive prices stay the same if you do not wish to pass on a VAT increase to your customers.

EU B2B VAT rules can be implemented by using this module in conjunction with uc_vat_number.

In 6.x-1.2, shipping on taxes can be applied at the highest rate used or proportionally against items in the order, and discount coupons are also taxed correctly. These features require a patch to Ubercart's uc_taxes module from

Please report any bugs in the issue queue.


Original development sponsored by London Kettlebells.
Price recalculation on tax rate change sponsored by Totally Techy.
Further development sponsored by Acuity.
Views price suffix support and cart VAT subtotals sponsored by
Compatibility features for German market developed by HKS Agentur.

If you wish to sponsor features or any other Ubercart development, please contact me.

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