Ubercart compatible module.

The UC Variable Price product feature allows you to turn any product in your Ubercart store into a variable priced product. Instead of using a fixed price entered by an administrator, customers can specify their own price for a product on the add to cart form. This makes it a useful module for donation sites! The module will automatically take care of the product add to cart shopping cart forms to accommodate the variable price field. It affords you some measure of control over the titles of various fields and also lets you specify a minimum and maximum price for any given product. Extra integration with Ubercart's product classes interface allows you to set default Variable Price product features on every product created of any given product class.


Things to note until further documentation is posted:

You may add the Variable Price product feature to any product on your site through the Features tab on its Edit form. If you're entering multiple variable price products on the same site, you can create a new product class with a default Variable Price product feature on it through the normal classes interface. Finally, this module adds a unique ID to variable priced products as they're added to the cart, so their quantity will always be 1. The cart form is altered to show a text-representation of this in the Qty. column, but you can change what appears here by overriding the theme function theme_varprice_qty().


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