Florida Surtax for Ubercart


This module adds support for calculating Florida Discretionary Surtax in Ubercart. Florida Discretionary Surtax is added to the standard Florida state tax (currently 6%) and limited to the first $5000 of the order. The Florida Discretionary Surtax amount is calculated by determining the delivery county (via zip code) of the order and adding that county surtax amount to the normal state tax.

This modules uses the 'bracket system' as required by Florida tax regulation to calculate tax on sale amounts that fall between whole dollar amounts. (more info)

Admin settings are at: admin/store/settings/taxes/flsurtax

Your Responsibility:

You and ONLY YOU are responsible for ensuring that the sales tax charged to your customers is accurate according to the State of Florida regulations. This module is provided as a tool to assist, but comes with no guarantee! The developers believe it to function correctly and are using it on their own websites. However, you must test and validate proper functioning on your own installation. You must also stay informed of tax rate and tax regulation changes and you may be required to update module settings and/or database table records in order to stay in compliance.

This module is created by: 3C Web Services

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