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UC_Signup provides integration between Signup.module and Ubercart, allowing users to purchase signups for events.

Signup-enabled nodes are configured as Ubercart products.

The customer can purchase signups for herself and/or other people.

Example use cases:

  • 1 User signs up for 1 or more events
  • 1 User signs up 2 people for the same event
  • 1 User signs up 4 people for 3 different events, providing profile information for the two users who do not already have accounts on the site.

If the people do not have accounts on the site the customer is prompted to create a new account for that person, entering any core user profile fields that are enabled on the site. If there are matching user accounts for the email addresses entered, then UC_Signup does not ask for their profile information.

When the order is submitted, temporary signups are created to ensure that the customer is only charged if space is available in the event(s). Once checkout is complete, if the order balance is not cleared, the signups are cancelled. If the balance is cleared, the signups are converted from temporary to final signups. UC_Signup stores this distinction in the uc_signup_log database table.

UC_Signup uses the Ubercart Conditional Actions system to finalize and cancel signups for an order.

See the module in action in the UC_Signup screencast.

COD: Conference Organizing Distribution

If you are looking for a full featured installation profile to sell events at a conference type event you may be interested in the Conference Organizing Distribution. The Ubercart Signup module provides key features in COD.

Until the release of Ubercart 6.x-2.5, you must run the dev version of Ubercart 6.x-2.x with UC_Signup. Upgrading users are urged to see the release notes for RC1, which highlight important configuration changes to uc_signup.

Development history and credits

This module was written by ezra-g from Growing Venture Solutions, working in association with DTek Digital Media, and was sponsored by AUSSIE.

For paid improvements to or implementations of this module please contact Ezra Barnett Gildesgame or Growing Venture Solutions

For work on the Drupal Commerce version of this module, see the Commerce Signup sandbox project.

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