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This module makes it possible to export Ubercart customer and order data to the CRM (using the Salesforce API module).

Note that this module is no longer supported now that Drupal 6 has reached end of life, except for on a few sites where the developer installed it.

It includes support for:

  • Exporting Ubercart Orders to Salesforce
  • Exporting Ubercart Order Products to Salesforce
  • Creating OpportunityContactRole objects and exporting them to Salesforce (they link Opportunities (orders) to Contacts)
  • Experimental: Exporting Ubercart purchaser information separately as Contact
  • Experimental: Exporting Ubercart purchaser information as Account
  • Experimental: Integration with Extra Fields, Ubercart Discount Coupons, and Attributes
  • In dev only: Ability to export values from product-specific fields on an Ubercart product node

How to use this module

See the README.txt for a description of how to configure this module. As of alpha2, Chaos Tools module is required (since it is a requirement for Salesforce API), and it will provide default fieldmaps for Order->Opportunity and OpportunityContactRole to give you a quick start.

OpportunityContactRole objects connect Opportunities ("Donations") to Contacts. If a proper OpportunityContactRole synchronization is enabled, then when viewing the Contact record, the "Opportunities" (or "Donations") tab on the top will include Orders in the list.

If you have multiple Order Products in a single order, these can be mapped independently, and will be associated with the Order (if you set that up in the fieldmap).

As of alpha2 the module creates a custom node type for OpportunityContactRole mapping, with a field to track the order's Salesforce ID. Note that this feature has been removed in -dev, since it is actually better to "mock up" an object for export without storing this data in nodes.

Make sure to go to the Salesforce settings page, and choose the appropriate "Ubercart Integration" fieldmaps for use, after they have been defined, and to mark the appropriate checkboxes for synchronization.

Seeking co-maintainer

If no one steps forward to financially support further development, I am seeking a co-maintainer who is interested primarily in porting this module's functionality to Drupal 7. At this point, I think Drupal 6 is about to be deprecated given that Drupal 8 may soon by released.

Only people who follow Drupal code standards and have submitted patches to this module will be considered for the co-maintainer role.

Post an issue in the module's issue queue if you are interested. I will only be accepting one co-maintainer since I don't want to create potential conflicts between people's changes.

Recommended release

See the releases box, below.

This module was originally developed by Bibek Sahu. His code is still available as the alpha1 release.

Roadmap Prior to Beta Release

Release acknowledgments

alpha3 Release and beyond

On behalf of various clients.

alpha2 Release

Most of the development of what became the alpha2 release was done by aaronbauman, the creator of the Salesforce API module.

Documentation, testing, and bug fixes were done by EvanDonovan for TechMission's site.

alpha1 Release

Ryan Jacobs (with support from provided testing and suggestions.

Support for this work provided by Trees for Life.

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