This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

UC role progression uses Ubercart's 2.x conditional actions in conjunction with the UC roles module. It answers a need for a purchasable role that enables a user to progress through a series of predefined roles according to a set schedule. A possible use case for this: purchased access to an e-learning course wherein each week the user gains access to a new set of nodes.

An admin interface allows role progressions to be easily defined. Users may progress from role x to role y if and only if they already have prerequisite role z. An Ubercart conditional action promotes users to these predefined roles as predecessor roles expire.


  1. Activate module
  2. Go to /admin/store/settings/ucroleprog and setup role progressions
  3. Go to /admin/store/ca and edit the 'Notify customer when a role is about to expire' (recommended) or 'Notify customer when a role is revoked' conditional actions.
  4. Choose 'check and invoke role progression' as an action on the 'Action' tab of the conditional action you are using.

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