This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module will do its best to prevent the wrong sort of people from ordering the wrong sort of goods, or to ship them to the wrong kinds of places.

For example, some products cannot be ordered by minors, or some products cannot be shipped to certain states.

The module was originally developed for a site that sells wine.

The functionality may vary depending on the sub-modules enabled. The gist of this module is that it will throw an overlay in front of the paths/patterns you designate. The overlay displays a form that asks the user qualifying questions.
If the user's answers do not qualify him or her, the user is redirected to an informational page.

When the user reviews his or her order for checkout, validation functions or required acknowledgments are added to the order review form.

See the README file for straightforward instructions and suggestions on how to set it up.

This code is written and maintained by Bob Hinrichs at ISL Consulting, San Francisco, California.

You can see the module in action on the live store,

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