This module provides a credit cart payment gateway for the uc_credit module to use Intuit Quickbooks Payments (formerly called Quickbooks Merchant Services (QBMS) for Web Store) This is NOT full Quickbook integration. This module simply processes credit cards through Quickbooks Payments for a merchant with a Quickbooks Payments or QBMS account.

This module uses and is dependent on the Intuit PHP Devkit by Keith Palmer. The devkit can be download from GitHub:

The current D6 release of this module is designed for Ubercart 2.x and The current D7 release of this module is designed for Ubercart 3.x. They have not been tested against any other version of Ubercart or Drupal Commerce.

Version 2.x

Version 2.x includes integration with the Intuit Payment Wallet. This means that each payment is first stored as a Wallet in Intuit and given a unique WalletID, then the Wallet is charged for the amount. The reason for this upgrade is to provide integration with the Ubercart Recurring module for setting up subscription payment in your store. The Wallet upgrade can allow for many other additional features if needed.

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

While significant changes have been made to the uc_qbms database tables in 2.x, every attempt has been made to preserve existing transaction data during an upgrade from 1.x to 2.x. But please backup your database before upgrading to the 2.x version of this module.


Detailed installation instructions are located in the README file.

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