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The Ubercart Product Quote module allows store administrators to specify which shipping methods/services to enable on a per product and product class basis.


  • Install as usual, see for further information.
  • If necessary, apply any patches needed for compatibility with any shipping quote modules you are using. See the compatibility section below.


The Ubercart Product Quote module is currently compatible with none of the Shipping Quote modules out of the box. Patches have been submitted to the Shipping Quote modules listed below. Patches for Shipping Quote modules not listed below can be submitted to the specific Shipping Quote module's issue cue.


Configure user permissions in Administer >> User management >> Permissions >> uc_product_quote module:

  • administer product quotes
    Users in roles with the "administer product quotes" permission will see the "Shipping Quotes" tab added to the product edit page.


To enable specific shipping quote methods/services for a particular product:

  1. Visit the product's edit page
  2. Select the Shipping Quotes tab
  3. Select the methods/services that should be allowed for this product

Only methods that are available for all products in the cart will be presented to the customer upon checkout.
NOTE: If no shipping methods/services are available upon checkout, the customer may have 2 or more products that do not share any shipping methods/services.


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