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This module lets Ubercart sites provide or sell product keys. Product keys are strings of text that are used to unlock or activate a piece of software. They attempt to ensure that only people who have paid for a software license can use the associated software.


    1. Lets you sell a software product along with the product key or just the product key.
    2. Lets you dynamically generate product keys or assigns product keys from a database
    3. Handles multi-line product keys
    4. Lets you associate a set of product keys with multiple products
    5. Imports licenses from an Excel-compatible file
    6. Integrates automatically with the Ubercart stock system
    7. Integrates with the Ubercart conditional actions system. A predicate is provided that emails the product keys when an order is completed
    8. Integrates with the Token system
    9. Lets you view all product keys
    10. Lets you view all product keys associated with one product
    11. Lets you and the customers view all of a customer's product keys
    12. Allows you to revoke product keys
    13. Records product activations
    14. Keeps product keys encrypted in the database
    15. All table are sortable by any field
    16. Some features (dynamic keys, revokation, activation counts, encryption) require additional custom coding. To make this easier, the package contains a sub-module called uc_product_keys_sample that provides a working sample implementation of all the hooks.

      There is documentation in a README.txt file.

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