Do you manage an Ubercart shop with lots of products?

If you have lots of products in your shop, and you ever wanted to do any of the following, this module will surely help:

  • Decrease the price of some/all products in your shop by 20%, or
  • Manually set the weight of some/all product to 0, or
  • Increase the price of some/all products in your shop by $3

This simple module aims to assist Ubercart shop managers with making mass-changes (bulk update / blanket changes) to product data, including weight and prices, by implementing Drupal Actions which can be used in custom code or in conjunction with the excellent Views Bulk Operations (VBO) module.

How does it work?

This module is best used along with a View which in turn uses Bulk Operations to perform actions on selected nodes. So, for instance, you could create a view which lists all products, enable some exposed filters to quickly filter your products to your desired list, and use the new "Modify product Sell Price" action provided by this module to, say, decrease the price of the selected products by 10%.

The module currently provides the following actions:

  • Modify product weight
  • Modify product list price
  • Modify product sell price
  • Modify product cost
  • Modify default quantity to add to cart

Stock support is in 6.x-dev and 7.x-dev. Currently working without problems except for alternate product SKU's:

  • Modify product stock level
  • Modify product stock threshold
  • Enable/disable stock tracking

If you have alternate SKU's listed in your View and attempt to modify the stock levels associated with them, the main product/SKU will be altered instead.

If you've never used the VBO module, check out the quick start guide for some info.

Module dependencies


What's the status?

The current version is fully functional. As with any other module still in development - make sure to backup your database before making any changes. The module doesn't currently handle Attributes - it will only change the prices and weight of the main product, and will not affect attributes data. Please test it out and report any bugs/ideas/comments.

If you have ideas for improvements or more actions this module should provide, or have any trouble using this module - feel free to let us know in the issue queue.

D6 version minimally maintained. Will backport fixes and features if time allows.

This module was sponsored and created by
Currently maintained by SeanA.

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