This module allows you to enter different sale prices per product for different roles in an Ubercart store.

Install and enable the module as normal. In the store configuration menu there will be a new "Price per role settings" page, here you can select the roles for individual pricing and set a priority order for the prices. After setting this up, the new price entry fields will be available from the product edit pages. When viewing or adding a product to the cart, if a role-specific price is available and the user has that role, that price will be used. If no prices are available that match the user's role, the standard product sell price will be used.

The module supports per-role pricing of attribute options and provides a block for administrators to select their pricing roles, useful when testing or if you receive queries and need to check your different price levels without logging in and out of different accounts.


Developed by Longwave Consulting, sponsored by 3xLOGIC.

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