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How does it work with affiliates

Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) is a module providing affiliate functionality for Ubercart and Post Affiliate Pro application. The module adds click and sale tracking code to web pages. It shows administrator pages of sales, affiliates, sale reports, payouts using PapAPi library. All needed computing do your external Post Affiliate Pro application.

Who is this module for?

- for merchants (e-shop owners) who use Drupal and Ubercart
- for everybody who wants increase income of his e-shop with affiliates using Post Affiliate Pro (PAP)


- because it’s easy
- it brings low fees and high effect
- brings you clients that you didn’t have before


- Drupal 6.X and Ubercart 2.x
- Post Affiliate Pro installation


- download module and unzip it in your module directory
- download PapApi.class.php from your PAP installation or from this link and copy it in same folder where is 'uc_post_affiliate_pro' module
- try default 'demo' acccount, you should get some testing data from demo PAP installation if it works
- use your own data: merchant's username, password, link to PAP online installation
- use Post Affiliate Pro
- let know your website visitors and future affiliates about commisions they can get
- let's make business


Merchant needs to have valid account at Post Affiliate Pro or can try ‘demo’ account, that you get by default after Post affiliate Pro (PAP) module installation.

With this account you can test all available functions of this module.

List of current functions:

- merchant’s connection to PAP server with settings form
- report of orders for merchant
- report of payouts for merchant
- report of payouts for affiliates
- available registration for users as affiliates

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