Bootstrap example
Default (Garland)

Our pictured cart block provides some advantages in contrast with standard Ubercart block.

  • Show product image (or default icon).
  • Vertical or horizontal ("large icons") orientation.
  • Sort by name, quantity or price.
  • User can decrease or increase quantity of product right in block (and remove in vertical orientation).
  • Optional show item's description in vertical orientation (e.g. selected attributes, content of product kit, etc).
  • Optional scrolling.
  • Items count in summary is number of icons, not sum of products quantity (optional).

Drupal 7.x.

Initially ported by @jaykainthola.
Release version has a lot of changes since '13 dev-version about theming and javascript. Hope it will be more compliant to D7 coding standards and more useful to integrate on your website.


Our module recognizes "Restrict qty" product feature.

Ajax driven cart is not supported.

Theming example

You can find Bootstrap theming example (as subtheme) of block in my sandbox (not sure it should be full project).

Project Information