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Ubercart compatible module.

UC Node Access lets you attach Node access features to products in your Ubercart store. These features allow customers who purchase the product to receive view access to nodes on your site either indefinitely or for a limited time based on the feature's settings. UC Node Access does not handle access grants itself but rather depends on other modules to define handlers that integrate UC Node Access with the various node access modules developed for Drupal.

Currently integrated node access modules include:

  • ACL + Content Access - adds the customer's user account to the ACL defined by Content Access and adds expiration information beside the names in the Grant view access fieldset of the Access control tab for nodes governed by Content Access.

Node access modules can be integrated in one of two ways. If someone contributes them, they will be reviewed for inclusion in this package. Otherwise, the module author may be contracted to provide integration with your node access module of choice.

Developer documentation will be posted shortly for defining UC Node Access handlers. It's a very simple hook, and developers can simply view the contents of UC Node Access ACL in this project to see a working example.

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