This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Ubercart compatible module.

UC NAB Transact is a payment gateway module for Ubercart that currently allows you to process credit card payments on your site using NAB Transact's XML API payment service. In order to use this module, you must have an account with NAB Transact and confirm that you are enabled for XML API use.

This module is no longer maintained, if you are interested in taking control over it, please contact rszrama

To use this module, use the following steps:

  1. Upload this module to your site and enable it.
  2. Browse to the Payment gateways settings form and enter your account information for NAB Transact.
  3. Browse to the Payment methods form and make sure your credit card settings have been configured properly and NAB Transact is set as the default credit card gateway.
  4. Run a few test transactions through an order view page to get a feel for the module.
  5. Try it through checkout to make sure it processes there as well.
  6. When you're read you to go, change the transaction mode in the gateway settings to Live.

UC NAB Transact might fail to parse the returned XML from the web service. This means you either sent in bad parameters (like a bad CC number) or had an error with the returned data. You can view the full response message in the watchdog to determine if you need to take any action.

The NAB Transact Bank Response Codes for approved transactions are 00 and 08. Anything else means a failed transaction.

Version 5.x

Sponsored by Sourdough Companion.

Version 6.x

A release for Drupal 6.x is now available.

Version 7.x

I do not have any projects that require a port to Drupal 7 yet.
If anyone is willing to submit a patch/version, it will be reviewed and if working, will be published.

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