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Example of the configurable message replacing the price display field.

This module allows Ubercart store administrators to apply more fine-grained permissions to the product catalog and shopping cart.

This is particularly useful in situations where you want the general public to view most of your site, including the product catalog, but only permit certain registered members, such as wholesalers, to see information about factory-direct prices or to use the shopping cart.

A configurable message will be shown next to the product if the user has insufficient permissions. This message may contain HTML as well as tokens. Some examples:

  • Sign up as a member to see factory-direct prices and shop online
  • <a href="mailto:enquiries@[site-mail]?subject=Quote for [type-name] SKU [model]: '[title]'&body=Request from [user-name] ([user-mail]) for pricing info on [model] (category: [term])."> Request price by email </a>

The second example produces a link Request price by email, which when clicked opens the user's email client and fills out address, subject and body with info related to both the user and the product they're viewing, so that all they have to do is click "Send".

For those not entitled, prices may be shown as a configurable replacement text, for instance "POA" or 0.00, or may be removed from forms and tables altogether. This can be configured at Administer >>Store administration >> Configuration >> Members only settings. Again HTML and tokens are allowed.

After installation the site administrator will have the following permissions to distinguish member roles from the less privileged, e.g. the general public:

  • view list prices
  • view sell prices
  • use shopping cart

If you don't want the general public to view prices or use the shopping cart you'd untick all three permissions for the anonymous user role and tick either all three or 'view sell prices' and 'use shopping cart' for your member (e.g. wholesaler) role(s).

For users without the 'view sell prices' permission, prices will not appear (or appear as a configurable text) on the following pages:
o the individual product pages (node/*)
o the /catalog/* pages
o the /products page
o the shopping cart pages /cart/*, if 'use shopping cart' permission is granted

'view list prices' applies to:
o the individual product pages
o the /products page (if the underlying view was altered to include list_price)

Some related modules

Ubercart Members-only permissions is different from the following modules that may also be of interest and perhaps used together with it:
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o Ubercart Price per Role
o Ubercart Custom Price
o Ubercart Discount Coupons
o Ubercart Discounts (Alt.)

This article compares and contrasts the above modules with helpful explanations and screenshots.

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