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This module is looking for a new mantainer!


This module lets users set up a favorite order for easy/quick re-ordering using Ubercart.

  • New tab under user's profile page to view/load favorite order
  • Block with quick "Load favorite order" button
  • Users can add favorite order to what they have in the shopping cart OR clear cart and load order, all with just 1 click
  • Users can save the order when viewing the shopping cart, just before going to final checkout

Important UPDATE: 2.1

From version 2.1, user permissions are available for the module. If you are using a version older than 2.1, after you update REMEMBER to assign the appropriate permissions to roles that are allowed to have favorite orders (create fav_order).


  • D7 branch for this module has dropped. I decided not to support Ubercart in D7 and go all in with Drupal Commerce
  • New development will de made for Drupal Commerce, no project has been setup yet, will post here once there is one.

D6 1.x

  • This is a stable release.
  • No new features will be added.
  • Theming is final.
  • Bugs will be fixed.

D6 2.x

  • This is a stable release.
  • New version allowing multiple favorite orders per client.
  • No new features will be added.
  • Bugs will be fixed.

D6 3.x

  • If you have any cool functionality that would like to see in this module, please submit a patch and work will start.

Your input

You are welcome to submit comments/suggestions/patches.

Best to all!

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