This is a payment gateway module for eProcessingNetwork's Transparent Database Engine (TDBE) API. It has experimental support for the development uc_recurring-6.x-2.x API for recurring payments, using the ability to store credit card details at eProcessingNetwork and then make charges with the returned transaction ID and no credit card #.

It is recommended to use the latest version of Ubercart 6.x with this module.


a) Install and enable the module in the normal way for Drupal.

b) Visit your Ubercart Store Administration page, Configuration section, and enable the gateway under the Payment Gateways. (admin/store/settings/payment/edit/gateways)

c) On this page, provide the following settings:
- Your epn Account Number
- A RestrictKey generated in the EPN processing control page
- Authentication type

Note that the default account number and restrict key are for a test account at EPN. You can log into the test merchant account at, with the account 080880 and password 080880pw - any transactions you post should be listed in the current batch.

Supports recurring payments with uc_recurring 2.x series (currently in Alpha).

Project information