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 Shopping cart containing product with Donation Incentive

Ubercart Donation Incentives allows a store owner to apply donation incentives to products.

Donation Incentives can be thought of as rebates on the purchase price of products, where the rebate is a donation to charity (made in the consumer's name).

The donation incentives can either be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the sell price. A default donation incentive can be applied to all products, and can also be set on a per-product basis.

While checking out, the customer can add an additional "Top Up" donation amount amount to the order. This is an additional donation amount that the customer would would like to add on to the order and have directed to charity. Tax will not be calculated on this amount.

The module is quite flexible, and the admin has several options controlling how donation incentives are displayed on product nodes and in checkout and cart panes. It works if you just want to support a single charity, or if you want to give your consumers the power to choose from several charities.

A special donation incentive report allows to you keep track of orders that contain donation amounts within them, along with the status of the donation (ie: pending, complete).

Functionality Scope

This module only applies donation incentives to products and calculates donation amounts in orders. Charity selection, donation remittance and tax receipting is to be handled either manually or by an external module.

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