This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides custom payment methods for Ubercart 3.

*** Requires Drupal 7/Ubercart 3
*** Still in early development. Use with caution!

This module allows administrators to create custom payment methods. Each method can have its own set of conditions, and each is a fieldable entity bundle, which can be configured to collect data (e.g. name and address, account number, etc.) from the customer.

Methods are exportable (via ctools), and each is identified by a unique machine name which can be used to configure custom workflow. For convenience an "Check an order's payment method" Rules condition is provided.

Methods can optionally cause a "service charge" line item to be added to the order.

New tokens are provided for % of order total and % of order total products, which can be used in payment instructions to describe, e.g. payment terms or service charges.

The instigating use-case is providing a "Free Order" payment method, and a default Rules configuration is provided to enable this.

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