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This module adds several useful features to the Ubercart checkout.

Checkout error logging

Ever wanted to know why your customers are abandoning their orders at the "in checkout" state? Enabling this module can give you some pointers, as any errors encountered when the checkout page is submitted are recorded in the order admin comments.

Amazon-style saved address selector

The "saved addresses" dropdown is easy for customers to miss. Enabling this option in the checkout settings presents all saved addresses upfront with a "Use this address" button above each one.

Automatically select the first saved address

Customers often bill and ship to the same address they used last time. Enabling this option in the checkout settings will prefill the address fields for them.

Assume billing and delivery addresses will be the same

In many stores, orders are delivered to the billing address more times than not. Enabling this option in the checkout settings will default the "same address" checkbox at checkout, making the checkout page seem shorter and less intimidating.

Show shipping costs in a table, sorted by price

If you have many different shipping options available, enabling this option on the checkout panes page makes it easier for your customers to see and compare their options.

Hide the payment method selection if only one method is available

If you only have one payment method to choose from, enabling this option on the checkout panes page hides the single radio button and preloads the payment method form instead of loading it separately using AJAX.

Separate order total preview pane

A new checkout pane allows you to place the order total preview wherever you like on the checkout page.

Custom checkout pane and payment method titles

(Ubercart 6.x-2.3 and above only) Want to reword your checkout pane titles or payment method names so they are more meaningful? Optionally rename any of these on the checkout panes and payment settings pages. You can also retitle the button used to retrieve shipping quotes.

Other features

You can optionally disable collapsing panes at checkout as, depending on your theme, it is not entirely obvious that fieldsets can be expanded or collapsed.

If you only use one payment method (and enable the hide selection option described above), you don't use shipping quotes or can use the simple shipping quotes module, and sell to only one country (or make the state/province field non-required), the Ubercart checkout page can be completed without JavaScript being enabled.

Future plans

Merge the simple shipping quotes module into this module.

Any other suggestions that could improve the Ubercart checkout experience? Post them in the issue queue!

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