This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows site administrators using the Ubercart and its Attribute modules to let their visitors change attributes of products they have added to their cart on their cart page.

It eliminates the need for visitors who want to change some attributes to first remove products from their cart and then re-add them with the correct attributes.

If you want to change attribute information on products in orders via the admin interface, have a look at this module:

Note: this module is now unsupported.


See to know how to install this module.


  1. If you have not defined any attribute, go to admin/store/attributes/add and add one
  2. Add an attribute to a product by going to node/%/edit/attributes/add (replace % with a number)
  3. Add the permission to administer the module to the roles you want (admin/user/permissions)
  4. Administer the module at admin/store/settings/attributes/in-cart


  • Show attributes of Ubercart products on the cart view page (and change them there)
  • Choose wich attributes to show
  • Choose whether or not to display the title of each attribute
  • Choose to enclose attributes in fieldsets, in case you have a long list of options
  • Choose to filter out attributes that are no longer in stock (requires the uc_stock module to be enabled). This functionality is taken from the uc_attribute_stock_filter module

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