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Screenshot: Adding a role definition

What is Ubercart Attribute Per Role?

uc_attribute_per_role allows site administrators to define on a per-role basis which attributes should be hidden to the users of an Ubercart site. For example, the site administrator could have the a 'gift wrap' attribute hidden for members of the 'wholesale' role.

Hidden attributes are removed from the Ubercart product add to cart forms and thus do not display on the cart, checkout or order forms either.


Known problems

  • Required attributes displayed in the form of form elements that get a default
    value set (for example, select boxes) may affect a product's price even though
    it is not actually displayed to the user.
  • Role weights is not implemented by design. Users who are members of multiple roles will simply have attributes hidden according to the matching attribute per role definitions for each of those roles.


For installation and configuration instructions, please see the module's README.txt file.


This module was generously sponsored by PALAS Jewellery and developed by Grindflow Management LLC.

Similar projects

The Ubercart Price Per Role module performs a similar function but sets the product price per role instead of hiding attributes based on role.

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