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This module makes it possible to ignore certain attributes from stock management.
This is done by hiding the attribute options from the 'product adjustements tab'.


How to install?

For the moment, this module needs a small patch for Ubercart. Patch ubercart with #1828596: Attributes form query converted to dynamic query for altering.

  • Enable this module as usual.
  • Edit or create a new attribute, you'll see a 'Ignore this attribute for stock management'.
  • Edit a product, go to the 'adjustments' tab.
  • Now you'll see only the options of the attributes that are not ignored.
  • Go to the 'stock' tab of the same product and edit the stocks of those combination attributes you just created in the previous step.

There is a small issue that causes the original sku always to show on the stock tab, but you can ignore this, just don't enable that sku there.


This is a module i created to scratch my own itch of having 20+ attribute options pages, per product. This was just not sellable to a client :)
Please report any issues and patches are welcome :)

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