Adds a payment method to Ubercart to accept credit card payments through Alpha DeltaPay (Greek bank).

The original code for Drupal 6.x and Ubercart 2.x was originally created from GiorkosK and may be found at The module for Drupal 7.x and Ubercart 3.x though is a complete rewrite of the code.

Implementation follows the Alpha e-Pay v2 Merchant Integration Specifications (HTML - v1.12).

Payment with instalments is also implemented as long as the Bank has approved that feature for the vendor's account.

Install as usual by placing the module folder at sites/all/modules.
Then navigate to admin/modules and enable the module.

Go to admin/store/settings/payment and enable the Alpha Bank - Delta Pay method.
After enabling, click settings or navigate to admin/store/settings/payment/method/alphadeltapay to configure the module.
From the configuration page, you must fill-in the Vendor account number and the maximum Number of instalments(if needed). You may also choose to display some extra messages alongside the default ones upon success, failure or cancellation of the order.

Most, if not all, Greek banks, authorize payments from only one URL. As a result, if we have a multilingual website, this payment method may be used only by one language and the administrator would have to set a proper condition to hide it in other languages. To most properly understand this, read the following examples:
(Greek - URL #1)
(English - URL #2)
In case anyone has anything to suggest upon this, feel free to fill an issue.

The original development was sponsored by Avalon Web and Media.

Make sure you read the included README.txt file for the proper URLs to give to the bank.

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