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Ubercart Marketplace adds multiple seller support to the Ubercart module. It includes a series of modules that limit the access to Ubercart functions for sellers. Additional functionality is added to support this from both a marketplace seller's point of view and the store administrator's view. Sellers (with the proper access permissions) gain the ability to view their products, track and fulfill their orders, and monitor their sales reports. Store administrators can view seller reports based on seller order statuses and seller sales. Support is included for Paypal Mass Payments, with which an administrator can automatically pay his/her sellers for custom periods.

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Drupal 7

The initial port to D7 is mostly complete, but requires further testing before release. Note in particular that mp_file is not yet ported. Please try out the other components from the 7.x-1.x-dev branch and report any issues.

Current Features:

Feature list coming soon...

NOTE: If you are upgrading from 5.x to 6.x, database update functions are not included in the 6.x production release. This means you are responsible for making sure your database updates properly (please backup your database and make a test upgrade before trying this on a live site!). 6.x Install Update Functions provides untested update functions. If you try them please let us know if they work or not, so we can eventually commit them to a future release.


Documentation is now available (feel free to contribute and expand). Please read before enabling the Marketplace modules.

Ubercart Marketplace Overview
Ubercart Marketplace Setup Documentation

Live Sites

Please do not create test accounts; these are live sites:

Present and Past Sponsors

This project was originally sponsored and developed by Ephite. Ephite provides Web development services specializing in Ubercart Marketplace and may be contacted for customizations or support.

Sponsored product kit development

Sponsored seller shipping rate collection and customization

Sponsoring Development and Donations

If you would like to use Ubercart Marketplace but need to see some specific feature fleshed out a bit more for your use, please contact us.

If you're happy with Ubercart Marketplace and would like to make a monetary donation to support the continued development of the project, feel free to make a Paypal donation. Thanks for your support.

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