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SHA-1: c5de1491c2ea5a3e50485b2ebf0df9db33ad3090
SHA-256: 2e37c70e1ab85d08f975ff270517ddeaa586745e0402f3f52b31b99ea59ee903
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SHA-256: f1e8e9d918ce4dce3f648cca6f6266ae9147ceff7bb72d132a867cc3798657e3
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/ubercart:^4.0'
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Release info

Created by: longwave
Created on: 29 Aug 2016 at 22:32 UTC
Last updated: 29 Aug 2016 at 22:33 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Fifth alpha release. Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements since alpha4.

Changes since 8.x-4.0-alpha4:

  • #2787509 by longwave, david.czinege: The price doesn't update after a change of a product quantity - Checkout pane
  • #2695639 by longwave: Zero price product generates error when checking out
  • #2783741 by longwave: Fatal error: Call to undefined function cache_clear_all() in /home/website/public_html/modules/ubercart/uc_role/uc_role.module
  • #2787211 by longwave: Fix unit test location
  • #2766925 by bjaxelsen: Negative price adjustments
  • #2743605 by jckresko: Product model token doesn't work
  • #2704195 by bjaxelsen: Zero decimal places reset price field when editing node
  • Missing use statement in views sort handler.
  • Correct init() and render() method signatures for uc_fulfillment views field plugins.
  • #2755909 by rajeshwari10, Nikhilesh Gupta: Deprecated method
  • #2722989 by TR: D8.1 defines additional entity label annotations
  • Drupal.WhiteSpace.Comma
  • #2664316 by TR: Remove @file from object-oriented code
  • Drupal.Classes.UnusedUseStatement
  • #2719157 by longwave: Copy address checkbox does not copy when unchecked
  • #1453306 by longwave, fiftyz: Selecting an address from the drop down at checkout doesn't trigger shipping costs or triggers incorrect shipping costs
  • #2646570 by longwave, TR: Replace with AjaxAttachTrait.php
  • #2709509 by SaintNexcis: Attributes Label text input limited to 128 char
  • #2705555 by TR: Missing route parameter
  • Move some USPS module code into plugins.
  • Full path to moved
  • Function documentation.
  • Move jurisdiction out of config and into plugin.
  • Replace some explicit XML generation with SimpleXML. Move to where the code eventually needs to be.
  • Some work on porting USPS.
  • Some work on porting UPS.
  • CSS changes for cart. Remove tr border under cart block summary (total). Remove excess padding around attributes in block. Properly indent attributes on cart and review page.
  • Documentation standards.
  • Changes to zones in CY and SA country config files.
  • Validate cart links syntax in uc_cart_links.routing.yml - invalid syntax now generates a 404.
  • Simplify USPS config names.
  • Simplify UPS config names.
  • Add getDisplayLabel() functionality to shipping quote methods, just as we did with payment methods.
  • Port shipping quote method theme functions.
  • Work on porting /user/{user}/purchased-files
  • Type hint account object in uc_role, port code to use account object methods.
  • #2697329 by TR: Remove uc_date_format()
  • #2684007 by longwave: Create a numeric/decimal field type and replace OrderStorageSchema::getEntitySchema()
  • Port uc_role_user_view() to D8 and refactor uc_file_user_view() and uc_role_user_view().
  • Add types to uc_store function documentation.
  • #2693249 by longwave: Remove @todo in CartManager::completeSale()
  • #2693249 by longwave: Simplify $login parameter for CartManager::completeSale()
  • #2681563 by longwave: Eliminate uc_order_menu_alter()
  • #2670778 by longwave: Credit card CVV help cleanup
  • Remove some SafeMarkup::checkPlain
  • Fix address usage.
  • Implement getTransactionTypes()
  • Round test payments to store precision to prevent random test fails.
  • #2693713 by longwave: Recoverable fatal error when saving a node used in a product kit
  • #2641638 by longwave: Saved addresses Ajax doesn't work in checkout
  • #2643682: More work on porting uc_2checkout to D8
  • #2655848 by longwave: Deleting a payment method is bad
  • #2677224 by longwave: Make product entity work with devel generate
  • More t() => $this->t(), and remove whitespace.
  • Minor cleanup.
  • Add test for OrderPaymentsForm to ensure correct operation.
  • Implement hook_uc_payment_receipt_delete() to log payment deletions in order log even if uc_payment_delete() wasn't used for the deletion.
  • Move createAddress() out of AddressTest and into a Trait to provide a common, non-trivial address creation function that may be used in other tests without having to extend AddressTest. Add documentation for uc_store test functions.
  • Minor cleanup in attribute controller.
  • #2656634: Some preliminary work towards porting
  • #2682389 by longwave: Fix link to catalog view from product view page
  • #2625276 by longwave: Port PayPal Website Payments Pro to D8
  • #2625276 by longwave: Port PayPal Express Checkout to D8
  • Fix delete payment receipt action on order payments form.
  • Missing "()" prevented payment comments from being displayed on order payments form.
  • #2623394 by TR: Fix views schemas for uc_order
  • #2681831 by longwave: Convert uc_payment to use entities
  • #2686989 by Purnachandra Rao V: Order product setDescription t() missing
  • $this->t() in LineItem plugins.
  • Add OpenSSLEncryption class, encryption tests.
  • #2680699 by longwave: Remove obsolete credit card warning from checkout review page.
  • Fix warning for product breadcrumb when product has no taxonomy terms applied.
  • #2680699 by longwave: Remove uc_credit_exit()
  • Translatable strings in t() should use placeholders, not concatenation.
  • Functions were duplicated in Address and AddressTrait. Eliminate the duplicates.
  • Change Address::__toString() to better remove blank lines (e.g. street2) when converting addresses to strings.
  • #2676878 by TR: Fix views schemas for uc_catalog


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