The TYPO3_migrate module provides support for migrating content from a TYPO3 website to Drupal using the Migrate module.


Import of the following is supported:

  1. Users(both frontend and backend).
  2. Standard TYPO3 pages along with their tt_content elements:
  3. tt_content elements of the type 'text', 'textpic' and 'image' will be migrated into the node body.
    Authoring information of the pages is also migrated.

  4. News(tt_news) and news categories:
  5. Migration of news images and files is also supported.
    Related news articles are handled through a cck nodereference field.
    Migration of news articles can be restricted to certain folders.

The migrated content can be rolledback completely.


UPDATE: The TYPO3_migrate 6.x-1.3 version requires the Migrate V2.1(6.x-2.4) module.
The TYPO3_migrate 7.x-1.3 version requires the Migrate V2.1(7.x-2.4) module.


  • The current module is for Drupal 6. The drupal 7 version will be added soon.
  • The aim is to build a suite of sub-modules to migrate a website from TYPO3. More sub-modules can be added to handle data from various TYPO3 plugins.
  • Sponsorship and Development

  • Module development is sponsored by Srijan Technologies, India
  • Development has been done by Ishan and Chandra Shekhar
  • Project Information