Twitter Block is a lightweight module which allows administrators to create
blocks which display embedded timelines.

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Twitter Block has one dependency:

Drupal core modules

  • Block


Twitter Block can be installed via the standard Drupal installation process.


Embedded Timelines offer a number of customization options such as theme, layout and border color but, due to the way embedded timelines are implemented, custom theming using CSS can be difficult.

To add custom CSS to embedded timelines check out the Customize Twitter project.

There's not any upgrade path from 8.x-2.x to 8.x-3.x due to schema key changes.

Related Modules

Twitter Block will never provide advanced Twitter integration such as OAuth
user authentication or the ability to tweet from Drupal. These capabilities are
provided by other modules such as Twitter.

Current Maintainers

  1. subhojit777
  2. naveenvalecha

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