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Twistage Integration is a module which interacts with the API for Twistage, a white-label enterprise video hosting service with a fairly robust API that is intended to be integrated closely with a CMS.

It provides tools to sync your local database of videos with Twistage, update the local list of videos in real time by processing "pings" sent from Twistage to your site, and to embed videos into blocks, pages, or anywhere else with theme functions.

This project also includes bonus modules which allow automatic syndication of video, and one-click publishing of videos in the node form.

The core functionality of this module involves creating a "profile" (which links with one Twistage "site"). The profile, and its settings, are used to show videos contained in the related Twistage site.

New in the Drupal 7.x version

This is a migration module for twistage 6.0 to 7.0. We started this module on top of Matt Johnson's version 6.0. However, we have planned to add some additional feature on upcoming version.

New in the Drupal 6.x version

The Drupal 6 version of this module features a number of improvements. The profile administration has been simplified. You can now set videos as "active" or not with a checkbox, and set the play order using the built-in table drag functionality in D6. Theme functions have not changed significantly.

The Twistage Publishing module is now integrated with CCK. It provides a "Twistage video" field type and a basic formatter to render the video in the node view. Rather than users uploading a video through your server (using your disk space and bandwidth), they now enter metadata only on the node form, and then use the Twistage embedded publishing API to submit the video. This bypasses your server entirely, and lets Twistage do all the heavy lifting (as they intend). The resulting video metadata (and node association) is returned to your server using the callback hook.

Twistage Syndication has been discontinued in this package. It is likely this module will reappear as a separate project later on, but it became something of a hassle to maintain and fell off the priorities list when we had to port this module to D6.

The Drupal 5 version of Twistage Integration has some rough edges. The basic profile administration and video syncing/display works fine, but the syndication and publishing modules have some gotchas and performance problems. Due to my personal and professional time constraints, it's unlikely I'll be doing much to maintain the D5 version. Anyone who wants to fix it or work on it on is welcome to do so. I will be leaving in as a development build indefinitely.

You will need the cURL and SimpleXML extensions for PHP. Twistage Integration has only been tested with PHP 5.

This module was developed for The New York Observer

Known Issues

For Drupal 6.x:

  • When using the Twistage CCK field and editing a node with one or more existing videos, the CCK "add more" feature and the Twistage Javascript library seem to have some sort of conflict which causes unusual behavior (blank page or a non-working "add more" link).
  • I neglected to add a dependency on content.module for Twistage Publishing. Please use with caution (this will be fixed in the next release)

For Drupal 5.x:
We are not going to any support for this version

  • The syndication module is unsupported and not recommended (unless you know what you're doing). It stacks a lot of network operations into a a hook execution that is called on certain profile admin operations.
  • The publishing module add its own fieldset (independent of CCK) to the node form. The video is uploaded directly to your server's temp area and then offered to the Twistage server with HTTP ("pull publishing"). This uses a lot of resources and can only handle videos below your PHP max upload file size settings. Larger files will produce strange behavior.

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