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Twig is a very powerful text filtering system which has features not available in current drupal text filting systems. Twig gives the power of a basic programming language with conditional blocks and looping and well as many other features.


  1. Install this module as normally would be done in Drupal. See Installing modules and themes for more information.
  2. Download the Twig library from the Twig home page.
  3. Unpack the library into the sites/all/libraries/twig directory so the AutoLoader.php is in the page sites/all/libraries/twig/lib/Twig/AutoLoader.php

Using Twig filter


To your rules add the Trig Filter to your rules. Add the template text to the Action and set the variable to be provided. Then in the next action you will be able to pass the variable created to any proceeding action.


Twig has a very comprehensive caching system which can dramitcally increase the speed of processing. To enable this add the following to your settings.php

$conf[‘twig_cache_dir’] = ‘path to cache dir’;


With Rules all entities are wrapped with the entity wrapper and to work with Twig the ::__toString() function is not returning the current function. See #1991660 which will allow the Drupal objects to be accesses correctly.

Twig Syntax

See the Documentation page on the Twig site

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