Provides the Twig template engine as an input filter. Twig templates are stored as CTools Exportables, so you can edit them from the UI, and export them as Features Components.



  • Go to admin/structure/twig/add and create a template or two
  • Go to admin/config/content/formats and activate Twig on an input filter
  • Create a node using the Twig input filter. Use the Twig syntax {% include 'template_name' %} to include a template.

Future Development

I'm interested in extending this module to integrate Drupal and Twig in other ways. Feel free to post feature request issues with your thoughts and/or code. In particular, I'd like to add support for Tokens as Twig variables, and set up the Twig sandbox to restrict privileges for users having access to Twig-enabled input formats.


Project Information