ScrollSpy navigation

ATTENTION: This module is being rewritten to be more general (not related on Tweme). New place: /project/bootstrap_extra. Herewith issue queue moved on GitHub:

TwemeX is an extension module for the Tweme empowering it with several UX enhancements such as automatic ScrollSpy navigation block (like you see on the left side of this page).


  • Automatic ScrollSpy navigation block


  1. Ensure that you already installed Tweme.
  2. Then download and install this module as usual.
  3. Go to "Structure" > "Blocks" and place "ScrollSpy navigation" block into one of affixed sidebar regions.
  4. That's it! The magic should happen.

How it works

  • All headings from the "Content" region will be automatically extracted and placed to the "ScrollSpy navigation" block.
  • Supported heading markup: <h3 id="anchor">Heading</h3>.
  • If you are using Markdown: ### Heading {#anchor}.

Project Information