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TWCi Weather Block

This is an integration of weather API from Based on the project of jeff at

**** Drupal 6 support only ****

Modules include

  • twci_weather - the main module
  • twci_locid - a cck module

Features - twci_weather

  • Displays up to 3 different weathers.
  • ability to choose the temperature unit (fahrenheit / celsius)
  • 3 different icons sets
  • ajax based tool in the administration page allowing to search very easily a regional code
  • content cached and refeshed based on module setting

Features - twci_locid

  • autocomplete text field for searching the LocID of a state or province
  • add as many weather info as you want (License Agreement only allows 3 though)

twci_locid was sponsored by: Promet Source

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