This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The plan was to deprecate Table Wizard in favor of the Data module - however, it appears that Data is not being actively maintained either. If someone would like to adopt Table Wizard, by all means please do so (contact me through my profile link above).

The Table Wizard facilitates dealing with database tables:

  • It allows surfacing any table in the Drupal default database through Views 2.
  • Relationships between the tables it manages can be defined, so views combining data in the tables can be constructed.
  • It performs analysis of the tables it manages, reporting on empty fields, data ranges, ranges of string lengths, etc.
  • It provides an API for other modules to views-enable their tables.
  • It provides an API for importing data into tables in the Drupal default database (automatically doing the views integration above).
  • It is bundled with an implementation of this API, for importing comma- and tab-delimited files.



Much of the Table Wizard functionality was sponsored by GenomeWeb and The Economist.

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