Welcome to "Tumblr Connect".

You create content on your Drupal website, this module automatically re-publishes that content on your Tumblr page. Any subsequent changes performed on your Drupal site content are automatically replicated on your Tumblr page.

Tumblr is free social networking site and service. Tumblr is located here: http://tumblr.com

Why Tumblr Connect?

Tumblr does not provide a "comment" facility itself. You must add an external service to your Tumblr page to support comments. This module allows your readers to comment and discuss your content on your Drupal website. This module adds a "read more" link to each Tumblr page content (published by this module), directing your readers to your Drupal website.

Like most social media services, Tumblr supports "followers". This module lets you display your Tumblr followers on your Drupal website. This module provides a fully configurable Drupal block that can be themed and customized.

Content Selection.

This module allows you to select which Drupal content types you want to publish on your Tumblr page. You determine which Drupal users (by role) are allowed to select content types. Typically you want the website administrator to set which content types are processed by this module.

This module allows you to set whether "teaser" or "full" views of your Drupal content are published on your Tumblr page.

Easy to use,

Tumblr Connect performs everything on the server side. Tumblr Connect does not require an special web browser settings or plug-ins. You Drupal website users simply create content, this module automatically posts the content to your Tumblr page.

Links and Images.

Your Drupal users do not have to worry about whether links or images use relative references. This module takes care of it automatically. This module guarantees your links and images will work on your Tumblr page.

Detailed explanation:

  • When you create content on your Drupal site, you are likely to create links and image references that contain relative references. In other words, a link reference may look like "content/my_story" rather than "http://my_drupal_site/content/my_story". This module automatically converts local references to full site references for content published on your Tumblr page. This module does not change the references on your Drupal site, it simply sends links and images with full references to Tumblr.

Modifying and Deleting Content.

  • When you modify content on your Drupal website, this module automatically updates your Tumblr page.
  • When you delete content on your Drupal website, this module automatically deletes content on your Tumblr page.

Smart Recovery.

All Social Media sites have occasional down times when they are not available. This module automatically detects when it can't connect to Tumblr. This module stores your changes in a custom job queue. When your Drupal cron process is executed, this module posts your content changes to Tumblr. This module retains your changes in the custom job queue until a connection to Tumblr is made (and thus a synchronized recovery completed).

What is Tumblr?

Tumble is a social networking site. This module and it's author is not affiliated with Tumblr.
Tumblr is a registered trademark of © Tumblr, Inc.
Like other social networking sites, accounts on Tumblr are free.


  • Question : If I login to my Tumblr page and delete a post, will this module delete the corresponding post on my Drupal site?
  • Answer: No.
  • Question : Does this module create a Tumblr page for me?
  • Answer: No. You must create an account with Tumblr first. When (or after) you create an account on Tumblr, you create a Tumblr page. Once the your Tumblr page is created, you configure this module to point to your Tumblr account and page.
  • Question: Does this module aggregate and publish my Tumblr page content on to my Drupal website?
  • Answer: No. There are plenty great Drupal community modules like Activity Stream which will perform that service for you. This module is dedicated to publish to Tumblr, not the reverse. This module does allow you to publish a list of your Tumblr followers on your Drupal website.

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