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Drop Spuds on your website like a hot potato!

This module provides a way to place Trumba calendar elements, referred to by Trumba as "spuds", on a panels/panelized page. Currently the module only provides Panels content types to place the spuds, so don't go looking for them in the blocks interface. I would accept a clean patch for the D7 version that implements blocks. We just don't currently have a need for that at the moment so I wouldn't have the time to work on that.

For the Drupal 8 version the plan will be to implement custom block types instead and then panels content types as needed and warranted by the development of panels for D8.


  • Ctools
  • Panels


  • Place in your site's contributed modules directory.
  • Visit the modules page and enable like any other module.


  • Go to Configuration, System Section, Trumba and set the Default Web Name. This will pre-populate this setting in the panels settings forms you will see later.
  • Go to a panels page or a panelized piece of content and Add Content.
  • The various spud types are located in the Calendar section.
  • Select the desired spud type (defined below), fill in the fields based on your settings for your calendar and spud in Trumba.
  • Save
  • Refresh your page

Definition of Spud Types

  • Main Calendar Spud: For use in the main content area of a page instead of sidebars, etc. This is basically just the main calendar for your Trumba webname.
  • Promo and Control Spud: Provides a promotional or control type of Trumba Spud. Examples of these are the Date Finder, Filter by Category and Day Summary spuds
  • Open Spud: Provides an arbitrary type of Trumba Spud. Useful if the type you have is not in he pre-defined promo and control spuds.

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