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travelgrove travel meta search tool

This integration allows for users to utilize Travelgrove’s search engine for travel, that scrapes the travel vendors, for cheap airfares, cruises, hotels, travel deals, and more. The system is geo-targeted, where users from Europe, Asia, United States, see results specific to their IP. Prices are scraped from over 100 travel sites, including all the major merchants, such as Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, Cheaptickets, etc.

Approximately 1/3rd of all online transactions over the internet are travel related, about 50 billion per year. The Travel Meta Search Module allows for Drupal website owners or builders of sites to monetize their existing traffic to their site, as well as provide a practical, useful, value-added tool. Some have even made a business model for their site based around this tool alone.

50% Revenue Sharing: Like Google’s Adsense, site owners are paid PPC (pay per click), which is much different than most other travel systems that pay PPS (pay per sale). So, you will make money every time someone uses the search (up to 20 cents). (this can average to be 1-2 fold more than the old PPS model that most companies use).

And finally, to get paid you must get a PubID, which you can pick up here: (located in the links/banners section)

This module was sponsored by Travelgrove, the travel meta-search engine.

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