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This module add a Transliteration Title field, it depends on Transliteration module.

If you add a Transliteration Title field instance to an entity, such as node, you should choose a source field for it, the default source field is "title" which is used for node entity.

When you create an node, and you enter the node title which is the source field, you do not enter data for you Transliteration Title field , After that you save your node , this module will automatically transliterate the title and save it to Transliteration Title field .

if you think the transliteration is not correct, you could edit the node, and check "Manual" , then you can change Transliteration Title field manually.

This is very usefull for chinese people,maybe it is usefull for japanese, and other countrys users.For exmple ,we create a book node type, the title field is book's name, and we need the book's Pinyin name, which can be generated by transliterate the title field automatically.

Transliteration module does not do 100% correctly work, there may be mistakes, this module add a checkbox, which allow you change it manually.


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