Track da files main report example

Track da files module, by federiko_ from Koriolis


What is this module for?

Track da files module enables the possibility to track how much visitors are viewing files on site.

Every link to a file can be configured to be tracked.
Then, a record is registered each time a visitor access the file from this specific link.

How does it work?

Configure file fields to be tracked in content interface, by selecting the corresponding display.

Links to be tracked can also be integrated in templates or html source of contents, by customizing links.


  • The difference between this module and other modules is that this one works with both public and private file system.
  • This module is also interesting if you want to track files displays by user or limit tracking by role.
  • The use of field formatters makes it easy to configure directly in the UI.


  • Diferents availables reports : main report, reports by file, reports by user.
  • Datas provided : displays count, total ips by file, average ips by file, date of last display, users having displayed file, browser used, internal or external URI where the link was visited.
  • Enable and disable datas which you don’t want to appear in reports;
  • Export all datas in CSV files.
  • Clear datas by file or by user.
  • Rules integration.
  • Colorbox integration (by file, no gallery).


  • Copy the module's directory to your modules directory and activate the module.
  • Install it here : admin/modules
  • View reports here : admin/reports/track_da_files
  • Configure Track da files module here : admin/config/media/track_da_files
  • Find more informations in README.txt file
  • You can also watch a video tutorial:

Similar modules

There are some other existing modules which can be used to track downloads of files. The two main working modules implemented for Drupal 7 are :

  • Public Download Count : this module is targetting public files. A php function have to be integrated directly in code source to make it work.
  • Download count : this module works only with private file system.
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