This module aims to remove the annoying Flickering (jumping) & Flashing on each page load.

Show Your Heart & Bring it to Core:
@see: #2542050: Toolbar implementation creates super annoying re-rendering.
@see: #2696023: Save Users' Toolbar State config to serverside

Choosing a Version:

8.x-1.x: Lightweight fix for horizontal mode only
8.x-2.x: Provided great support for both horizontal & vertical mode in the toolbar. But this branch hacking Core in a hard way, that may lead to unexpected behaviors between contributed modules.

Development releases
8.x-2.x-dev: This is synced with Drupal GIT Development Branch ASAP.
** Only for sites running development releases or developers working on Core Development.

Install Instructions:

1. Install module
2. Clean All System Caches (This module has built-in mechanism to clear cache after module enabled but sometimes it may failing with unexpected reason.)

Potential Compatible Issue (for 8.x-2.x):

Themes / CSS:

This module is replacing the Core Toolbar files directly. Any Modules & Themes hacking the same Toolbar files same way may have conflicts.

** Bootstrap: Highly recommended to patch it in sub-theme custom style file #2855957: Remove Bootstrap Flicking


This module changed how Toolbar handling events:

In general, there're no errors if a module using the `event` listener correctly.


We Care Our Users. This module aims to solve all conflicts with CORE module in 24 hours.

Supporting us

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