Provides an Acclaro translation provider plugin for the Translation Management Tool project.

With the Acclaro Translation Provider, TMGMT editors can submit their Drupal content directly to Acclaro. There the content will be translated and sent back to the Drupal website for review and acceptance. After accepting the translation it will be published automatically. This greatly simplifies the translation process and enriches global website experiences.


  • Translate any content on your site.
  • Supports the continuous translation TMGMT feature to automatically submit new and updated content for translation. (Drupal 8 only)

Next Steps

Please be aware that the Acclaro Translation Provider currently supports Drupal 8. If your system is Drupal 7.x, and you are interested in a backport of our plugin to meet your localization needs, please let us know.

About Acclaro

Acclaro is an international translation and localization firm that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. Our translators are native language speakers and provided 24/7 access to the world’s best language technologies and tools. We support 60+ languages and are dedicated to helping our clients meet all their localization needs.

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