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MD5: ab863c5e8748f7ba40ffeb5afaa88947
SHA-1: f10d9bbc43b093e8dc68d07317cdad6b43880a9b
SHA-256: 808301b98d000eae4cacebbd74a4c32d21023605f8d0d35405ef472e64a5e12e
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MD5: 967b44d59c2327a449396d2eca1ff435
SHA-1: c92be0ae60e8d45fd58b3d80bd0e1d3f16b32613
SHA-256: 97bdcfbfd4df9d3c3e8bb50c5fdf2d99145e7198fa8f8bf4906239a852b1f234

Release info

Created by: Berdir
Created on: 1 Jul 2016 at 07:30 UTC
Last updated: 1 Jul 2016 at 07:33 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

The second release candidate fixes a number of bugs, one of the most important ones is fixing a bug in the XLIFF API that affects file and also other translators that rely on it.

The XLIFF export/import API includes a number of improvements that are required by the new versions of the OneHourTranslation and thebigword translators.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc1:

  • #2733401 by edurenye, Berdir: Import XLIFF without cdata/processing does not decode tags when importing
  • #2696649 by Leksat: Exported file link can be not correct
  • #2687735 by nmalinoski: Malformed HTML in translated string in tmgmt_ui.module
  • #2629800 by mqanneh: PDOException: When trying to empty an empty cart
  • #2681937 by mpp: Fix typo in phpdoc
  • #2675540 by mpp: Enable i18n_menu in setUp()
  • #1999796 by mpp: Related source suggestions for menu translation
  • #2674592 by Berdir: Fix test fails in 7.x-1.x
  • #2639852 by GDrupal: Fixed TMGMT API does not play nice with i18nviews and i18n_panels
  • #2650106 by mbovan: Support CDATA in File translator
  • #2646682 by mbovan, Berdir: Update XLIFF to support string imports
  • #2646158 by mbovan: Support XLIFF export for a single job item
  • #2614100 by ademarco: Allow to alter retrieved translatable field values from an entity
  • #2543310 by giancarlosotelo, joshi.rohit100: Drop cancelTranslation
  • #2393393 by mfernea: getImportedXML fails with a fatal error if not dealing with a valid XML
  • #2483923 by ciss: Allow i18n_string / locale search queries to be altered
  • #1673904 by ethanethan, seanB: alter hook request in source controller's saveTranslation()
  • #2274001 by Leksat: Fixed Locale UI shows incorrect translation statuses for languages with a hyphen.
  • #2270487 by guillaumev | drupal_sh: Fixed Azure / MSSQL / PostgreSQL: PDOException on path /translate.
  • #1999926 by Leksat, Luxian, Berdir: Added related source suggestions for entity_reference.
  • #2307531 by antoniodemarco: Added query alter tag for tmgmt_entity when generating sources overview page.
  • #2332093 by Leksat: Added support for the "Localization update" (l10n_update) module.
  • #2317891 by Leksat: Fixed "Language neutral" entities should not be translatable via the tmgmt_entity module.
  • #2270191 by s_leu, Berdir: Fixed review page breaks if entity_uri doesn't provide URL.
  • #2256953 by ja_ca: Fixed language mapping order is not alphabetical.
  • #2273981 by Leksat: Fixed Make source fields readonly, not disabled.
  • #2214427 by Leksat: Fixed Non-existent permission 'administer translation server'.
  • #2278093 by miro_dietiker, blueminds: Fixed XLIFF validation fail without more information.
  • #2262299 by ja_ca: Improve cart UI button sequence.
  • #2257375 by blueminds, miro_dietiker, Berdir: Allow to translate from a translation instead of the source language.


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