Title Override 7.x-2.x

What is Title Override?

Title Override is a module to provide title overrides for any page in as simple as an interface as possible. This module differs from the Page Title module in that this overrides both the <title> meta tag as well as the <h1> tag. You also have the option of entirely removing the page title from any page, which will remove the <h1> tags as well as remove the piping from the meta title. This improves search engine optimization for pages that have been overridden.



To override page titles:

  • Open admin/config/user-interface/to_titles and select "Override page titles"
  • Create a new unique ID for this page title instance and create the override
  • Add the paths this title should work on, return separated
  • Add the title you wish to use, and save

This version of the module supports tokens.

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