This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A Drupal native Tin Can LRS (Learning Record Store).

Tincan LRS has been successfully tested with:

  • Tincan API module Version 1.0 and 2.0 . Supports node views, Quiz, Vimeo and YouTube Videos.
  • Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate Tin Can (xAPI) Packages, in iframes, in Drupal nodes (CORs support tested and working). We have an as yet unreleased Drupal Tincan package player module in a production environment and will be released at a later date. Contact us to learn more, or to get your hands on it before we release it.
  • H5P either standalone or integrated with the Quiz module
  • Using HTTP Request clients such as Poster

All Statement, Statement Attachments, State, Activity, Agent, Activity Profile, and Agent Profile data is stored in Drupal as proper Drupal Entities, with full Views integration out of the box. Entities can also be manipulated with the Entity API, EntityFieldQuery, and Entity Metadata Controllers.

The Tin Can LRS module infrastructure is based on a integration with the Drupal Services module.

Learn more about the Tin Can API (xAPI, eXperience API)

Using Drupal as an LMS no longer requires connection to a 3rd party LRS.

Serious advantages such as Views for reporting, and Rules for instant actions triggered by user interaction statements. For example, creating Rules that trigger Course Pass, or generate certificate on Quiz success.

Module Dependencies

  • UUID
  • Services 3.15 or above
  • Entity API
  • Entity Reference
  • Views
  • Tincan Server -- submodule included with Tincan LRS
  • Tincan Services Basic HTTP Authentication -- submodule included with Tincan LRS
  • Tincan LRS Field Types -- submodule included with Tincan LRS


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Contact Skvare to learn more, receive support, or to setup your own Drupal LRS.

Development sponsored by the National Athletic Trainers Association

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