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Brief description:

A must have for heavey themers, this small but powerful module will become a must for CSS based themes. Please submit any feature requests that you would like to see contributed to this module. Body classes allow for some very intuitive and powerful css changes such as quickly hiding un-needed form fields from someone with the "manager" role, swapping random images or logos, updating images based on the users locale etc.

Key Features:

  • Enable, disable and customize body classes.
  • Theme utility functions.

Included body classes:

  • Path
    • Option to aggregate paths so rather than 'node 1 edit' you will get 'node 1 edit node-1 node-1-edit' allowing for more flexibility when theming.
  • Random
    • Option of random range to generate classes from.
  • User Role
  • Locale
  • Tokens: node, global

Utility Functions

  • themer_add_class
    • Add a body class from within your code.
  • themer_class_date_prox
    • Return class(es) based on the proximity of one date to another.
  • themer_string_to_css
    • Covert to a css friendly string.
  • themer_copyright
    • Dynamic copyright information function.

Development by vision media

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